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The Girls Roundtable: Choosing Your Major


Isn't it strange that we're required to make major life decisions at the ripe old age of 18? Choosing your seminary, college major, and sometimes, mate for life—it's overwhelming! The Girls of Thrive Till Five have some wisdom to bestow about how they chose their majors. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post about majoring in marketing—it's about HOW to reach that place of confidence to move forward with your career path of choice! 

So grab a latte and join us at the Roundtable. 

Dini says: 

I always knew I wanted to do something creative. Being involved in G.O. in high school and running programs for Project SEED got me used to thinking on my feet and coming up with crazy ideas. When I pinned down the few things I really wanted in a job: something creative, but still involved in business in some capacity, that would also allow me to use my writing chops and eye for graphic design: marketing was the obvious choice!

Just to be sure, the first class I signed up for in Touro was Principles of Marketing. Usually, girls tackle their core classes first, and then move on to the specialties, but an advisor opened my eyes to the problems of doing it that way: why not figure out if your major is what you really want to do, and THEN create a class schedule based on that?

So that's how I made my decision! And I haven't looked back since :)

Avigayil says: 

I bounced back and forth between ideas of “what I wanted to be when I grew up”.  

When I entered college, I already had an internship in fashion and had designed two dresses for myself, so I thought I would major in business at Touro and then get an associate degree in fashion elsewhere. Once I started my major, I learned I really enjoyed business, specifically marketing! I loved the psychological aspect of it and how a business’s marketing plan can make or break a company. 

As it turns out, I’m now in sales planning, which is more analytical, but I also run Insta accounts and I’m in the works of creating a gown gemach. 

When deciding on a major, think about anything that piques your interest and then try out a class in that major. 

I’d like to point out, most people I know don’t have a job in their major, so have fun and enjoy the experience! Try new things!


Chaya says: 

Deciding on a major was an interesting journey for me. I love people and I knew that I wanted to go into a field that would allow me to interact and work with people. On the other hand, I have a creative part of me that was drawn to fields like architecture and design. In the end, it came down to the exposure I had in college.

I took a couple of psychology classes which really resonated with me. It gave me a way to channel my love of people into a tangible career. Also, I learned that there are so many ways to use a psychology degree, and that I could use my creativity to find the best way to help each person I interact with. My job also served as an inspiration for my major choice. I work in a non-profit mental health services agency, and it's such a great environment that is dedicated to really helping people. Everyone who works there, from management to admin to clinical therapists, feels a satisfaction in their work. That, to me, is the most important piece in choosing a major.

Whatever you choose to pursue should make you feel accomplished and satisfied. You want to feel like you’re using your strengths and doing big things. So think about what it is your good at, what you want to accomplish, and take classes and get a job in that field so you can feel it out. It's all about diving in. Go for it and good luck!


Rifky says: 

I always knew I wanted to go into business. Initially, I was going to go for accounting, and I actually enjoyed the fundamental classes. There's something so seemingly safe about the field; accounts must reconcile, there's balance. Then I took my first few marketing classes and I was sold.

Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving; it's the psychology of business. In the same vein, someone recently told me, you can choose a major and be happy and grow, however, you are never locked out of other opportunities. Meaning, you can be a graphic artist who codes but if you realize that your passion and talent will be better channeled in a different field—there's nothing holding you back!

I will say that in business specifically, I wouldn't recommend jumping into a grad program until you've worked a bit, and have a chance to hone in on a specific industry within the business scope.


Brocha says: 

When I was in high school, it just hit me that I wanted a big profession. I went back and forth between law and business for a while. In the end, business won.

I liked both for similar reasons. They are people oriented with meetings, planning, research and client involvement. But law would be a long road and require much more time to build myself up. Also, right after seminary, before college started, I was offered an internship in a marketing firm where I ended up getting a job. That also helped me come to a decision on my career path. 

I still have some opportunities in the legal world I may want to pursue in the future and a business degree will get me in the door, so I don't feel locked in.

I haven't regretted my decision yet so I think that counts for something. 


To recap:

1- Try out different classes in college. Testing out different fields can help you reach a better understanding of where you shine—and where you don't.

2- You're not married to your major. Go for what makes sense for you at the time, and see where life takes you!

3- Hone in on your core talents and skills, then find a job that utilizes those. If you're doing what you love, what you're good at, and what satisfies you: you can't go wrong!

You know what would be great? If we could send this article to some seminary girls who could really benefit from hearing our experiences and thoughts. If you know a post-high school girl who may be struggling making their choice, send this their way! 

Until next time—keep Thriving!

- The Girls of Thrive Till Five 

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