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DIY Lego Kippah


When it comes to fun and customized Kippahs, things can get a bit expensive.

M, my four year old, is obsessed with LEGO, and when he saw Kippahs with mini bricks in the Judaica store, he really wanted them. But they cost an arm and a leg... and I decided, "Hey, I can make that!"


For me, crafting is all about being able to customize my life. It's about being able to surprise my son with something like this and see the smile on his face.


And while my full time job is technically crafting, things like this don't fit in with my main business, Moms & Crafters (which is a secular blog), and so they're really extras. But since it takes just a few minutes to put together, I decided to create it for Beyond the Balagan, to share with other Jewish mothers who like to surprise their kids with things like this.


This LEGO kippah makes an adorable Upsherin or birthday gift as well. It's really not complicated, and you don't need advanced crafting skills.

That's what I love about this project! Anyone can do it.


You can read the full tutorial on how to make this LEGO Kippah here. 


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Menucha Citron Ceder

is the full-time craft blogger in charge of, as well as the fuller-time mother to two little boysHer goal is to prove that anyone can craft and customize their lives, bringing doable and functional crafting solutions with basic craft instruction and clear tutorials. Recently, Menucha started Beyond the Balagan, a new blog aimed at inspiring Jewish motherhood, with her friend Rochel. Together, they bring fun and practical solutions into the Jewish year.