Catching Butterflies

catching butterflies family matters.jpg

By: Chumie Jacobson


There are moments that I try to take—

And keep them safe—closed in a jar

So you could hold them and remember

When these memories are far.


Today as you were running

Your laughter catching in the breeze

Your hair was gold as sunshine

And I wished that time would freeze.


I felt it start to fly away

Beauty longing for the skies

I tried to hold this joyous moment

Of you catching butterflies.


But I cannot really catch it,

Its wings force my hands apart

So my mind will be the jar my dear,

Your joy lives in my heart.

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Chumie Jacobson

married to Yisrael Meir, is a devoted mother of four who runs Ner Echad, the movement to unite Jewish women worldwide in Shabbos candle lighting. Chumie lives in Brooklyn NY, and is passionate about women in Judaism, education, and everyone finding their own journey toward closeness with their loving Creator.