Lego Memories

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By: Malka Leah Josephs


Today I stormed a castle,

Razed a village and a farm

The knights with swords and sheriffs’ guns 

Were helpless to my arm


I smashed a soaring spaceship 

Trashed its tower full of lights

I tossed a school of children 

They did not put up a fight


I overturned a city 

with its office buildings tall

I leveled all its skyscrapers

tumbling as they fall


A house with rooms and furnishings

A highway and a crane 

Unique creations pulled apart 

Born from my children’s brain 


But as I said goodbye 

To every interlocking part,

I smiled as I wiped a tear...

What ends will bring new start


My “baby” is in middle school 

My need for Lego gone

But now I welcome grandchildren 

Who’ll sing their own new song


New toys, new books and new creations 

All are on their way

And some old faithfuls will remain

And memories will stay.


I don’t regret the things we say 

goodbye to when they’re done

Another family’s spaceships must be built,

...We pass it on.


Thank you kids, for all the times

You led me by the hand 

To show and carefully describe

Each piece you’d placed and planned 


The towers may have flown

now built on someone else’s floor

But each clicked piece’s love you placed

Lives in me - each day more.

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Malka Leah Josephs

As founding director of Creative Communications for over ten years, Malka Leah Josephs is a writer and lyricist, as well as a director and producer of innovative films, music videos and marketing materials for both the Jewish and secular world. Her acclaimed live productions have been performed at Lincoln Center, New York City, and The Orpheum Theater of downtown Los Angeles. A veteran teacher and school administrator for the previous decade, Malka Leah leverages her education background to create unique, entertaining and educational productions that lean toward the inspirational, musical, and laugh-out-loud funny. Malka Leah is also a professional birth doula, a wife, mother of seven fabulous humans, a grandmother, and a grateful contributor to Nashim Magazine!