Meal in One Boreka Buns

By Naomi Elberg — @naomi_tgis


4-5 oz challah dough portions 


Fillings of your choice—examples: 

Meat -

Sautéed Italian sausage and colored peppers OR

Sautéed pastrami, creamy garlic dip, bbq sauce, caramelized onions


Cheese, sauce, olives, etc. 

Parve -

Frozen (already baked) falafel balls, hummus, tehini OR

Zaatar and chopped olives or olive tapenade OR

Mashed potatoes with caramelized onions OR

Roasted garlic cloves 



Form ball and flatten dough with the palm of your hand. Add filling in the center and bring edges together towards the middle. Pinch closed. Shape gently into a ball and place in a muffin tin or a round aluminum individual baking cup. Brush with egg, and top with a spice or the remainder of your filling. 

Rochel Lazar