Happy Chanukah to all of our readers!

Chanukah has always been a time when I look hard at what I have, to really appreciate what is going on in my life and in my family, and attempt to slow down and simply BE. The Chanukah candles give us the unique opportunity to stop in the middle of our crazy evenings, cozy up with our family, and just stare at the flames.

Dinner not ready yet? Too bad! You can’t work right now!

As busy women, it can be so hard to juggle everything going on in our lives. For example, just today, I found myself dropping my three year old off at the JCC ten minutes late for his karate class—and still wearing his pajamas. I had to remind myself that this is what real life looks like and that it is okay. Not every moment has to be what it appears to be on social media. We are so hard on ourselves, attempting to do everything and be everything for everyone.

I started this magazine with the goal of helping connect women in their ongoing battles, in their hardships and pain, and even just in their daily struggles. I want anyone reading these stories to see themselves in the words, to realize they are not alone, to recognize they are normal women going through experiences that others have been through or are going through as well. In today’s connected day and age, there is no reason that we should feel alone. However, along with the connectedness of the world also comes the pressure to live up to impossible standards that may appear on your newsfeed. Therefore, many of the articles in this issue (and in previous issues—this seems to be a very common theme!) focus on helping us to realize that, no, we DON’T have to be superwomen.

Check out Miriam Feldman’s article, Are You Superwoman?, which focuses on this issue, and then head over to Hana Bashe’s article, Cooking for Self-Care, to help yourself reframe how you give to others. Julie Starr helps you open your life up to new possibilities with Happiness and the Power of YES, Ruth Elbaz speaks about changing your life by believing you have all the tools you need, in her essay, Not an American Dream…a Jewish Dream, and Rina Bethea gives some great tips on changing how you feel about being a mother in her article, 3 Mindset Lessons to Feel Better about Motherhood. Rachel Hanna discusses how nurturing yourself is the key to a happy relationship in Honoring Yourself; Honoring Your Marriage, Devorah Baron gives you confidence in your business in Knowing Your Worth in Business, and Ruchi Koval tackles the issue of striving for the perfect body image in Idealizing the Greek Body.

We are so honored this month to not only have a beautiful piece on the horrible tragedy in Pittsburgh from the fabulous Yaffa Palti, she is also our first speaker in our new “express” inspirational video column, Vid Inspo. Our Spotlight this month is the amazing Rivka Malka Perlman, a woman who works tirelessly to help other women overcome their internal pain and bring out the goodness of their neshamos. This one is a must-read!

We hope that you gain some insight from this issue as you go and grow through Chanukah. And we hope you will stick around, because we have some amazing projects on the horizon! Make sure you don't miss any updates—like and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram.

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Rochel Lazar


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