Our first print issue!!

Dear Readers,

What a huge privilege I feel to be able to write this letter! After over a year of tremendous effort and amazing communal support, I am so thrilled to be putting out this issue to you in print as well—a new beginning for the new year! If you are reading this in the online version—go subscribe now! You can still get the first issue in print for the next few weeks, and there is a lot in there that won’t be up here! Check out our subscription campaign here! We are giving away lots of awesome #NashimSwag!

For those of you who have been with us on this journey, I am so appreciative of all of the love and encouragement that has come pouring in, and to all our new subscribers—welcome! I hope you will find in Nashim a community of support and friendship.

You remember seminary, when everyone was striving for similar goals and growth, and the intensity of your emotions ran high, solidifying strong friendships almost instantly? You know that great sense of belonging, where you felt assured of your place and who your friends were? As you grew older, however, and discovered more of who you were, the manner of your friendships may have changed, and the feeling of being loved for your truth may have also.

I got married young and started having kids before most of my friends were even engaged. When I experienced trauma early on in this new stage, I found myself very alone. I think that my life experiences were just so different than those around me that I had a hard time connecting with others...and I felt a heavy sense of shame.

Oftentimes, when we are going through life struggles, we feel like we have to hide our pain, like no one else would understand, and that they would judge us if they knew what our lives were really like, whether we can control our situation or not. But in reality, everyone is struggling through something, and the more one reaches out, the more support she will receive. There is no shame in asking for help.

I started Nashim Magazine so that no frum woman would ever have to feel alone in her life’s challenges. Nashim is a place where one can reach out, tell her story without embarrassment, and find the support she needs to grow and thrive. The amount of women who have joined our family over the last year has been beyond my wildest dreams, proving to me that it really is possible to be vulnerable within our community and receive friendship in return. It is my hope that we continue to be a space where the discussion is real, where no hurt is brushed aside as “something we don’t talk about”, and where we can feel comfortable in our own skins, no matter what we may be going through.

So, please, share Nashim with your friends and family, and help us spread our mission of support. Find us on Facebook and Instagram, check out our Nashim Dress and Nashim Headband which are now available for purchase, ask us about our amazing advertising opportunities, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email if you have feedback or a story to share. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Wishing everyone a year of growth and wonderful new beginnings,

Rochel in the Nashim Dress and Nashim Headband  Photo taken by Yehudis Taffel

Rochel in the Nashim Dress and Nashim Headband

Photo taken by Yehudis Taffel

Rochel Lazar