A Freilichin Adar to all of our readers!

Purim is one of my favorite holidays. I love decorating my house, coordinating costumes, and planning the mishloach manos and seudah menu. I am a comprehensive list-maker, and organizing Purim feeds right into my need for control. But really, Purim celebrates the fact that we, as humans, are never really in control, right? Even when it seems Hashem is hiding, He clearly maneuvers our situations to turn out exactly how they are meant to—whether we can see a good outcome or not. Purim is proof that Hashem runs the world, even when He is hidden from us.

This may seem like a scary concept—that we are not really in control—especially to a Type A like me, but really it is comforting, and a true reason for simcha—because no matter what crazy things happen in our lives, the world is being orchestrated by One who loves us and will make sure it all works out how it should. We don’t need to fight to have control over our lives, or plan everything to the tee, only to be frustrated when it doesn’t work out, because Hashem has our back! For a really good lesson on learning to let go, check out Letting Go and Letting G-d by Malky Werczberger.

This is just one aspect of viewing simcha in our lives. Many of the articles this month discuss other facets of how we experience simcha, whether it is looking at our lives differently in Devorah Sisso’s My Never-Ending Journey to Happiness, the importance of self-care instead of feeling like you need to pretend everything is ok in Rebecca Shapiro’s No More Unnecessary Pressure in Adar, realizing everything was created specifically for you in this month’s Vid Inspo by Shevi Samet, or even changing how we view our children’s constant need for happiness in Elisheva Zeitlin’s Ensuring Our Kids’ Happiness: The Goal?  

There are also so many moving personal stories in this issue, so get out the tissues before you read!

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Life is such a beautiful journey, and I am glad you are on it with me and our Nashim family. A freilichin Purim!



Rochel Lazar


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