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I hope you are all “recovering” from Yom Tov season and getting back into the swing of things. We are excited to be back on our monthly schedule!

In this past week’s Parsha, the Midrash describes in detail Sarah Imeinu’s harrowing experience of being kidnapped and nearly raped by Pharaoh. Sarah cries out to Hashem, stating how she left the protection of her parents behind to follow her husband, and now, even her husband’s protection has been taken away. She feels helpless. Hashem answers her by telling her that the angel sent to punish Pharaoh will strike on her command. The Midrash accentuates this point—the angel would only hit Pharaoh by her command. The significance is obvious—it wasn’t enough to protect her; Sarah need to become empowered by controlling the outcome of this difficult experience. Her tefillah was answered in the fullest possible sense—Hashem gave her control of her own destiny. 

Reading through many of the articles this issue, you will notice a common thread. So many experiences that we go through in life have the power to push us down or spur us on to greater heights. Sometimes, we need to find the strength deep within ourselves (see Sara Blau’s article, Tapping into Our Inner Spring), but when we rise to the occasion, we have the potential to become SUPERWOMEN!

We are now entering into the time of year that always challenges me the most. The chill and early sunsets often bring a sort of lethargy with them, and all I want to do is hibernate until the sun comes back! But as Rina Deutsch so succinctly puts it in our Torah Tidbits column this month, Marcheshvan—devoid of holidays—can be the perfect time to ruminate on who we are and where we are heading in our lives. Let us use this long season to empower ourselves as women, the imahos of Klal Yisroel. (And if you’d like some advice on that—check out Sara Esther Crispe’s article about Being All Mother.)

There are some amazing articles in this issue of women finding the courage to overcome odds in their path to greatness. Check out Britt Cohen’s Failures are Miracles, I Am Not My Scars, and Jill Friedbauer’s Listen to Your Gut for some inspiration on growth and courage. Leorah Hallel Goldberg relates how she learned to treat herself like the queen she was meant to be, and Shira Gura shares how she is Praying it Forward after her own miraculous recovery from illness. There are some great tips on taking care of ourselves and developing into stronger people in both our Wellness and Beauty column and our Ask the Expert column. Our Spotlight this month features the incredible Chumie Jacobson, the head of Ner Echad, the organization created in the memory of Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, which is uniting women all over the world. There is no greater power of change than what is generated from Jewish women coming together!

And speaking of women empowerment, we have some great stuff coming up over the next few months! We have expanded our Review column, featuring awesome product lines by women entrepreneurs, including a company that prides itself on women building each other up and striving for success, Karmela Cosmetics.

We are also working on rolling out a line of #NashimSwag, which will be apparel and accessories featuring our new hashtag #WeAreNashim, announcing to the world the power of Jewish women! This line will not only be a great way to show our strength as women, but will also be a great way to support our mission at Nashim Magazine. Make sure you don't miss any updates—like and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram.

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