Our big announcement…

Dear Readers,

It is with a full heart and in greatest gratitude to Hashem that I write this letter to you all. This is, G-d willing, our last online-only issue! Over the past year, I have gotten an overwhelming amount of messages asking when we are going to make Nashim into a paper magazine. Many people don’t get their main reading online, while others only have time to read on Shabbos. With the tremendous growth and the support of our community, we are now launching a campaign to get Nashim to print!

There is such a need for a safe space for frum women to speak openly about our struggles and concerns—both online, and now in print. And so I humbly ask you, our Nashim family, to help support us in this great undertaking. Here is a link to our campaign to get Nashim to print. You can subscribe to our new magazine digest and get some awesome #NashimSwag (including the Nashim Dress by Mikah Fashion and the soon-to-be-released Nashim Headband designed by Valeri’s Boutique!!). I hope that you will consider giving more to help us reach our goal.

Additionally, if you are a business owner, please help support this endeavor by advertising your business in the new print magazine. This is a chance to get in front of thousands of women for the first time, especially if your business is geared toward the frum women’s market. As an incentive, we will be offering aggressive introductory pricing (which can be locked in for the year), as well as a free ad on our website (which reaches 15,000 people per issue)! We urge you to help your business, and simultaneously help the viability of our mission. Please contact me at for more information.

As we at Nashim prepare to take this new step in our journey, this last web-only issue certainly reflects numerous journeys as well. From Eve Levy’s discovery that she was meant to stand out, Rebecca Feldbaum’s renewed confidence in her writing, and Susan Jablow’s decision to embrace who she is and where she comes from to Tzipora Zelmanowitz’s single journey toward her 30th birthday, Chaya Kasse Valier’s acceptance of her body’s new life stages, and Chana Shohat’s decision to honor her limitations, we hope you will join us in celebrating life’s winding pathway, and all of the stops along the way. There are so many strong voices in this issue—it is definitely worth a read from “cover to cover”, so enjoy!

If you have a journey to share, we welcome submissions at   

Please remember to like, follow, and share our articles on Facebook and Instagram, and use our hashtag #WeAreNashim. The more we share, the more we can support one another.

We also hope that you will share our campaign with all of your friends and family to make this dream a reality!

Thanks for being along for this ride!

With deep gratitude,


Rochel Lazar


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* Photograph by Israel Orange Photography