Get One Year of Nashim Magazine Shipped To Your Door!

Get One Year of Nashim Magazine Shipped To Your Door!


Nashim Magazine was started in April 2018 by Editor-in-Chief, Rochel Lazar. For more than a year, Nashim has been a safe online space for Orthodox Jewish women all over the world to express our voices, share our stories, and discuss many underrepresented topics, creating a community of support and understanding, so we never have to feel alone. This much-needed platform has grown to 15,000 readers per issue, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Topics ranging from money management to infertility to self-care to family dynamics have all been covered in our magazine for women by women. Our articles have been shared by our followers in Jewish communities all over the world, turning our mission of women empowerment into a global one.


After such an amazing year, we have been getting an unprecedented amount of requests for a print edition of our magazine, so we can continue to spread our reach to those whose main source of inspiration cannot come from an online resource, and for those who only have the time to read on Shabbos. Unfortunately, the erasure of women’s faces and voices in the Orthodox print media has been a hot topic of debate recently, and is arguably the number one concern for frum women the world over. Women are demanding that someone stand against the tide which would wash us away from print venues.


Nashim Magazine feels privileged and honored to become that conduit. After a lot of thought and research, we have decided it is time to step up to fill this need and take the plunge to bring Nashim to the printer! We agree with our readers that it is vital the next generation have tznius and inspirational role models to look up to and aspire to, and that they can find themselves represented in this space. Nashim wishes to accurately depict what religious women have always been to the Jewish world and what they will continue to be—the bedrock and hope of the Jewish people. We urge you to join us in achieving this monumental goal.


We have designed a digest that will be an amazing addition to the Jewish magazine market, with the aim to get our first print issue out for Elul—a perfect time for new beginnings. By subscribing here, you will receive 1 year (8 issues) of Nashim Magazine shipped to your door.

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