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Summer 2019 - Learning Modern-Day Lessons from Pirkei Avos by Andrea Schulman

June 2019 - Vessels of Light by Devorah Sisso

Pesach 2019 - Timing is Everything by Jordana Baruchov

Purim 2019 - The Story of Megillat Esther: Unmasking the Trivial Pursuit of Honor, Wealth, and Beauty by Karen Koren

February 2019 - A Pause in the Dance by Nili Couzens

January 2019 - Parenting in the Social Media Age by Karen Koren


Chanukah 2018 - Lessons Learned at Home by Ariella Zirkind

October 2018 - Growing in Marcheshvan by Rina Deutsch
August/September 2018 - How To Make Time For Spirituality When There’s No Time by Rivki Silver
July 2018 - The Ten Commandments for Women by Yaffa Palti
June 2018 - The Three Weeks: Connecting to a 2,000 Year Old Tragedy by Leslie Ginsparg Klein, Ph.D.
May 2018 - What’s My Avodah in Chodesh Sivan by Hani Lowenstein
April 2018 - Sefiras Haomer by Yael Friedman