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If You could have any super power, what would it be?


"A magical "pause" button to stop time & savor a moment" —Pesha Chaya B


“Being able to fly”—Shoshana G


“I wish I could go on full energy with no sleep. Sleep would be something I'd do for enjoyment once in a while, but would not be a necessity for normal functioning. Like the Energizer Bunny, I'd just keep going and going...”—Yael F

To clean my house in 5 minutes
— Amelia S

“To always have clarity of what I need, my kids need, and my next step in avodas Hashem” —Maayan B

To eat and not get fat, obviously
— Ellen L

"To heal anyone who is sick or in pain" —Karyn F

"The power to massage my own neck and get 200 shekels for doing it" —Lauren A


“To Zap judgmental mentality, both in me and in others” —Ilana G

“Teleportation” —Amanda Chaya E

Being able to wave a magic wand and solve problems with it
— Devorah B

“To read minds” —Eileen N


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