you weigh in


"What is one piece of advice
you wish someone would have
given you as a newlywed?"

“Nurture your relationship. Make sure to go on dates and vacations together…especially after kids come”


“Make a marriage before a baby”


Your husband needs as much validation as you do
— Deanna K

"Don’t stock up on stuff, stock up on experiences"

Beth B

"No matter what you are going through, someone else has gone through it too—you are normal and you are not alone"


Be careful about what roles each of you start taking in the home (such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.). It will be very hard to change the division of labor later
— Shana R
Buy life insurance now!
— Stephanie S

"I wish I learned how to budget—such an important skill that few of us were taught"


Buy a house before you start paying yeshiva tuition
— Helen W
Don’t get in-laws involved in arguments
— Tamar S

"Let go of your expectations"


"Don’t play games with your husband. Meaning? Say what’s on your mind. Don’t say it’s fine when it’s not fine. Be honest and completely open and your communication will improve"


Don’t expect marriage to solve anything. Whatever issues, insecurities, and flaws that you had before will come with you
— Chani Z
Whatever fights you have in the beginning, even if they are stupid, will be the same fights over and over again for the rest of your marriage. Try to fix these issues with open communication before kids. Kids aren’t a solution—they just exacerbate, so build a strong relationship before starting a family
— Tzippy M

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