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"What did you secretly want to be when you grew up?"

"An astronaut" -Sarah S

“A detective! I even made my own business cards" -Lindi R


“a Stewardess”

— faigy t

An Olympic skier
— Deena G

"as a very young child, I wanted to be a lion tamer in the circus"

-RoniT T

"I wanted to own an ice cream store so I could eat the ice cream for free"

-Goldy K

"A News Reporter" -Dvorah F

An FBI agent or an owner of a toothbrush store
— Dalya L

"I wanted to be a cop - planned on joining the NYPD until I was about 20"

-Rebecca B


"Fairy princess ballerina (in that order)" -Tami M

"I wanted to join the ninja turtles" -Tova G

A cashier with long nails
— Chana S

"A farmer"

-Leah A

A Barbie, when I was really little
— Kendyl F



"Superwoman..I wanted to fly..." -Laurie R

A soap opera actress
— Ronit P

"A polar bear...But I didn’t have white pants. plus I watched a documentary on how they tag the bears to track them, and I thought that would hurt too much. I was about 5" -Stacy G

— Ettah B

"Until I was 6, I wanted to be a fire truck"

-Avigayil D


"a train driver" -Chaya Rivka U

An opera singer
— Gale D

"Catwalk model (but as I grew older, I couldn’t figure out how to get to 5ft10)" -Chavi F


"The writer of parody songs for Sesame Street (I still wanna do this)" -Naomi H

A dolphin trainer
— Esti T

"The person who plays the music at baseball games- clearly they had Nevuah to know what would happen, so they had the right music prepared" -Penny S

"to play for the Harlem Globetrotters. Spent hours teaching myself tricks. Played on my college team instead. Not even close" -Aviva G


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