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"What is A Random, useless talent you have?"

"Wiggle my ears" -Bella A

“play two recorders at the same time with my nose, one underneath each nostril" -Eva B


“Hula Hoop”

— estie K

Whistle and hum, in tune, at the same time
— Zoe B

"balance a ping pong racket on my index finger for quite some time"

-Mila l

"speak backwards fluently"

-Michal S

Name all the countries of the world in alphabetical order from memory. Also their capitals
— Shev H

"suck my nostrils shut and hold them closed for almost a minute"

-mushky N

Remembering what people wear to various events
— Maureen A
Make a really authentic frog croak
— Rivki L

"remove my socks with my toes"

-Brucha B

"At almost age 60, I can still stand on my head" -Joan E

Speak in iambic pentameter on request
— Ellen L
Lick my nose
— Devorah B

"do the wave with my eyebrows"

-Brenda s

Balance pretty much anything on my head and walk or even spin around like that
— Rosie S

"Fit my fist in my mouth" -Sam R


Next issue's question: What did you secretly want to be when you grew up?

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