you weigh in

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"What is A Habit that


People do that


you crazy?"

“Pausing before finishing a sentence” - Ettah B


“When people are late”

— Brooke K

Women saying I am sorry for everything. (I am the worst offender!) And it is such a hard habit to break
— Rifka H

"Putting dirty clothes and the floor and not the hamper!"

-Miriam f

"When guys sit around picking their noses"


Blow their horns the second a light turns green
— Gale D
Post ‘and..... GO!’ when asking for recommendations
— Meredith S

"Chew gum very loudly"

-Batya m

People who litter their spoken language with verbal filler (‘like’, ‘um’, ‘you know’) and poor grammar
— Stefanie T
Not indicating when driving - you have to guess what others are doing
— Hayley D

"Saying 'Can I ask you a question?' before asking a question"

-Chani C

When someone cuts you off while driving or walking and then takes their time
— Estee M

"Using their cell on speaker in crowded waiting rooms"

-Sharon B

Chew with their mouths open
— Emily G
Playing a personal music player (an MP3 or listening on their phone - and walkmans long before) so loud that you can hear it
— Jenni M

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