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If someone gave you money to start a business (with no strings attached), what kind of business would you start?


"Coaching people living with chronic illnesses" -kate S


“Yoga & Recreation center for single moms”—RAchael W


“Research to find the cure for ALS. A family member of mine was recently diagnosed and I would give anything to be able to find a treatment”—Ronna G

24 hour kosher diner
— Ettah B

“Non profit for people with secondary infertility” —Devorah B

High quality day care with extended hours at low cost and with less than full time options
— Evelyn S

"My own custom-designed jewelry" —Meira A

"Free or reduced therapy for any that needed" —Rivka F


Some kind of support/connection network for baalei teshuva, converts, JOC
— Ilana G

“A bookstore” —Regina A


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